Quellen zu Architektur und Qualität

Eine umfangreiche Buch- und Linkliste habe ist in Arbeit...
  • [Bass+2007]
    Len Bass, Paul Clements et al: Software Architecture in Practice. Addison Wesley.

    Introduces the notion of quality tactics, brief ideas how certain quality requirements might be fullilled.
  • [Hofmeister+2000]
    Christine Hofmeister: Applied Software Architecture. Prentice Hall 2000.

    Available online in Google-Books.
  • [ISO 25000]
    The current family of international standards covering requirements and evaluation of software quality.
  • [Buschmann 2009]
    Frank Buschmann et. al: Pattern Oriented Software Architecture, Volume 4.
    The fourth volume of the renowned series covers a large number of patterns applicable for distributed systems.